Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick

This is my first post of many to come!  One of my hobbies is obviously is shopping for the greatest makeup products to add to my kit.  And I must say I’ve accumulated quite a stash.  My sister calls me a “makeup connoisseur” (I like that better than “obsessive compulsive shopper”).   However, I’m still one to feel badly if I’ve spent money on inferior products, but great products deserve to be shared!

So my first item is this Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Platinum Pink:

This palette is perfect for those who want that healthy glow.  When it comes to foundation, I personally can’t stand that matted, caked-on appearance.  There is a time and place for matte makeup (such as when recreating a 50’s look).  However, for everyday wear, most girls want their skin to look naturally flawless, and that sheen on your face is often the key (think Hilary Duff).  This palette will give your face that glow while adding a hint of colour (depending on where you sweep your brush).  If you desire more colour, then wear a blush underneath first.

Platinum Pink is more suited for fair skin tones since the colours don’t show on dark skin.  Not to worry!  It also comes in other colours such as Copper Diamond, which contains strips of bronze shades – perfect for darker skin tones and great for everyone to get that summer look while still battling that harsh spring storm!  I believe this item is special edition and I don’t know if it’s still on stores.  However, it can be found at the Cosmetic Company Store in Premium Outlets.

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