Part II – Tim Burton / 1920s Inspiration

Delia Delia Delia!
She’s as cute as she is intelligent.  Being a gal who never wears any make-up and always dressed in very professional attire, I was semi-surprised when she volunteered herself to be a model for my crazy fashion make-up antics.  I say “semi” because we all know that there’s more to a person than meets the eye 🙂  It was exciting to see what can come of this little experiment.

Of course, with her doll-like features and fair skin tone, I knew I wanted to do something 1920s-inspired on her.  But I also wanted it to be more fun and colourful than to really stick to the accuracy of the look from that decade.  What transpired was a Tim Burton type character.

Delia did a fantabulous job in front of the camera!  I wasn’t able to do much directing since I was moving on to the next model (part III coming soon!) but she apparently directed herself with every click.  When Al said “You’ve modeled before”, she merely attributed to Top Model (ANTM) .  Who says you can’t learn from watching TV?  Props to Al Cruickshank Photography once again for his amazing captures.  There were so many great shots, I didn’t even know how to choose.  Check out more in my creative gallery!

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