We have a winner! – Kunio Photography

If you’ve frequented my page, you’d notice that I’m not much of a blogger.  With my packed schedule and lack of sleep, sitting down and writing a blog is a rarity.  BUT since this is a special occasion, I’ll make an exception (even though I’m about a week late)!

I’m super excited that Jun Ying of Kunio Photography, whose work is sprawled across my portfolio, has won multiple awards for his wedding photography, landing him 3rd place overall in PWPC (professional wedding photographers of Canada)!  *applause* WOOHOO!

Jun and I started our craft at around the same time and both grew together as artists.  Seeing him make such an accomplishment makes me extremely proud!

Having my make-up and hairstyling work (the first four below) etched into his winning work gives me a bit of an ego trip, too.

Check it out!

1st place – Engagement

1st Place – The Wedding Dress

2nd Place – The Wedding Dress

2nd Place – Bridal Portrait

2nd Place – Wedding Details

4th Place – Bridal Party Portrait

Once again, congratulations Kunio Photography!

2 thoughts on “We have a winner! – Kunio Photography

  1. Congrats not only to Jun, but to you as well!
    You two enhance each others art more beautifully.
    I could not think of anyone more deserving to win these awards 😀

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