Miracle4KIDS: Spring Delight Showcase 2012 BACKSTAGE PASS

(Pardon the messy hair and the sweat you can’t see >_<)

A little while ago, I received a message from Raymond Chou of Vivid Moments Photography asking if I was available to sponsor a non-profit event by beautifying the two emcees.  I was eager to do it since I would like to work my regime on anyone I can get to sit still and it was for a great cause.

Turns out the event was the Miracle4KIDS: Spring Delight Showcase (check out the link for videos of the amazing performers) which showcased multiple local talents.  It was run entirely by volunteers for an amazing cause – all proceeds will go towards purchasing a second set of neuroendoscope for the Department of Surgical Services at BC Children’s Hospital.

The first night I got there, I was excited as I squirmed my way around backstage.  Ethan, the event coordinator, was so kind as to help me grab my make-up case immediately and carry it to my spot.  As a freelance artists, I normally have to carry my own lights and request that a mirror  be propped up on a chair in front of the client.  I was immediately ecstatic to see that the dressing rooms were well equipped with chairs, table ledge, big mirrors, and vanity lights galore!

As I was happily setting up,  my first victim entered, the handsome Jack Liu!  When it comes to male grooming, it’s a 50/50 chance that the guy will shift uncomfortably in his seat, wondering if he’s starting to look like a drag queen.  Jack, the pro he is, was obviously used to the primping of the stars.  He allowed me to take out my tweezers and start plucking away, apply a bit of this and that, and voila!  As I was working, we chit chatted and I found out that Jack is a piano teacher.  How cool is that?  But I grew up in a church where everyone and anyone took piano lessons, as did I, so there was familiarity there but I knew that it didn’t really mean that you were a great pianist even if you can teach it (follow-up on this below…)

Then came the beautiful co-emcee of the night, Yiwen Guo.  Yiwen was my original contact so she’s already sent me some photos of herself and what look she wanted.  She’s no stranger to the make-up chair either as she’s modeled and entered in pageants in the past.  On top of that, she works in the financial field.  Talk about brains, beauty, and kindness – the whole package, gentlemen!

Why I was doing their make-up and hair, Jack and Yiwen were rehearsing their lines (I acted the part of the audience)  while another volunteer was carrying out their wardrobe.  I felt like a stylist of the stars!

As a thank you for my time and services, I was able to get a ticket for myself and a guest to an already sold-out show (I don’t know how they did it!).  I’ve been to talent shows before and usually there’s a couple of good acts, mostly mediocre ones, and a few cringe-worthy ones that makes you feel sorry for them (I’m not being mean, I was one of those people when I entered into a school talent show in grade 9).  I was honestly shocked at what I saw.  There were singers, dancers, musicians – and they were all amazing!  Some more than others but I really enjoyed every minute of it even though the show was three hours long.

One my fave performances came from our very own emcee (I couldn’t take a good picture at the distance) but it was absolutely flawless!  If you are looking to learn piano (or know someone who wants to), this is the guy you want to call.

I believe $3000-4000 was raised from the two day show for their cause.  What a fabulous event!

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