Take It With You – Makeup Eraser Sticks

While browsing in the beauty section of London Drugs, just killing time, not really expecting to find anything in particular, I caught a glimpse of these:

I was super excited.  As in my eyes bulged when I saw them and I was smiling to myself like a crazy person.

If you have eyes like mine (which a lot of Asians do) you’d find that even waterproof, smudge-proof products – especially when you use black – don’t always stay put and often transfers down to the under-eye area.  Now there are some products that absolutely don’t move at all (i.e. MAC Liquidlast Liner) but they don’t always give you the look you want to achieve.

Anyways, when I know I’ll be wearing makeup from day to night, I always carry a travel pack of q-tips and a bottle of eye-makeup remover with me, which adds weight and is bulky when you’re carrying, say, a fancy clutch.  Another option is travel size makeup wipes but they’re expensive and wasteful for small touch-ups.

So the makeup remover liquid stays in place until you the snap the end with the purple strip.  Then the makeup remover moistens the other end and you’re ready to use it!

Now the question is, how effective is the remover?  Most drugstore ones I’ve used have been pretty useless and requires a lot of scrubbing which irritates my eyes.  So here’s a swatch test using a liquid liner and dark shadows.

Not bad!

So PROs:

  • Lightweight and small – perfect for those on-the-go!
  • Effective formula to remove darker makeup.
  • Oil-free so it doesn’t make the other parts of your makeup run if you just want to touch-up.
  • Perfect for brides as part of their emergency kit.
  • Cheap or expensive?  It’s $5.99 so I’ll let you decide.  Decent for me.

No cons as far as I know but maybe I’ll figure it out after using it.


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